Hennepin County and FCI Team up to Manage Aquatic Invasive Species

The most recent issue of Hennepin County’s Aquatic Invasive Species Newsletter for Early Detection featured a pair of Fortin Consulting projects funded by Hennepin County and focused on preventing the spread of AIS in the metro Minnesota county.  See the newsletter here!

Boaters are believed to be a large pathway for the spread of AIS.  FCI conducted observations of boater AIS prevention behaviors at six public boat accesses in Hennepin County.

Pet stores and garden centers are also a concern for invasive species.  FCI surveyed all of these Hennepin County stores that carried live aquatic species, looking for species designated invasive by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. They also distributed AIS prevention materials to the stores.

To learn more about AIS projects at Fortin Consulting and what we can do to help you, contact carolyn@fortinconsulting.com.

Examining a suspected invasive Phragmites plant found on the shoreline.
Photo credit: Paul Raymaker, Bush Lake Izaak Walton League

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