Native Landscaping

Native plants are the plants that grew plentiful in your area before we disturbed them. They are acclimated to your weather, soils, insects and exposure. You are probably familiar with many of these plants. In Minnesota some of our common natives are black eyed susan, woodland strawberry, blue flag iris, and red osier dogwood to name a few.

How we can help you
We recommend a site visit as the first step. Together we can review the situation, discuss your concerns and goals and give you recommendations. Depending on your needs, we can help with the design, permitting process, and coach you through the installation or maintenance of your project. Our goal is to have you be an active part of the native landscaping process. This will increase your understanding of your own mini ecosystem.

The Results
Native plants improve habitat, enhance beauty and promote rain water infiltration. They can look as formal or as wild as you wish. There are many plants to choose from with a wide range of color and texture. Native plants do not require watering, fertilizer or pesticides. They are good for the planet and provide wonderful bouquets to cheer up your home all summer long.

Native Wildflowers