Plant Inventory

A sound first step before any landscaping, development, control or restoration project is to take an inventory of the existing vegetation, in the water or on the land. This gives you the information needed to proceed in the most strategic way.

How we can help you
We can do a plant survey for you or with you. It can be at the level of detail necessary for the scope of your project. Sometimes a property owner wants an informal review of the plant life for their own education. Many times we are asked to just flag the native plants that are desirable to keep or the opposite — just flag the invasive or undesirable plants to replace. Sometimes a list of each plant by genus or species is required and its relative abundance. We are experienced at a variety of plant inventories from aquatic plants and prairie plants to woodland plants.

Stream Corrider Survey

Aquatic plant surveys
FCI staff is experienced in conducting aquatic plant surveys. We can conduct a full survey as required for some DNR funding or permits, or a less intensive survey, such as looking for invasive species.

The Results
An initial plant inventory ensures a good start for any project. We can provide recommendations for how to proceed given the plant community at your location. We can provide a written inventory or report of vegetation found at your site.

Aquatic plant survey results will help you make better decisions on moving forward with control methods for your lake. They are also important in determining the success of a control program. Aquatic plant assessments are an important component in developing an overall lake management plan.

Aquatic Plant Surveys
Grants are available from the MnDNR for assessment and treatment of Eurasian watermilfoil and Curly-leaf pondweed. See for more information. Some grant programs require aquatic plant surveys.