Restoration is the process of returning an eco-system to its former native state. Some, but few, projects require a complete restoration. Many projects are more a creation of a new and healthier eco-system than the one currently in place. These creations have many components of the native eco-system but also incorporate the ideas of the property owner, such as a native plant garden or a showy edge bordering a natural area.

The Process
The first steps typically are a site visit to the property, plant inventory, and restoration design. We can coach you through obtaining permits, site preparation, installation and maintenance. We hope you will consider restoring your property and we encourage you to be both physically and intellectually involved in your project.

A sustainable ecosystem with the benefits of increased infiltration, improved plant diversity, better habitat, beautiful natural area, reduced mowing, fewer chemicals and less watering.

Woodland Restorations
Prairie Restorations
Shoreline Restorations