Frequently Asked Questions, Tips, and Tricks

About the Symposium

Q: What is the Salt Symposium?

Normally, an in-person event, the Salt Symposium brings together practitioners, researchers, water resource managers, and educators interested in reducing chloride impacts on our waters from winter maintenance and other sources of chloride.  The Symposium showcases the latest research and innovations to help improve our practices and make them more efficient. This year’s event, the 20th of its kind, is bolder and broader than ever before to reflect the shifting perspectives on chloride’s use and its impacts on the environment. Day 1 will be new chloride reduction topics: water softening, fertilizers, and dust suppressants. Day 2 delivers latest developments in winter maintenance for chloride reduction.

Q: When is the Salt Symposium? Where is the Salt Symposium? How can I attend?

The 2020 Salt Symposium is August 4th and 5th, with Smart Salting Training taking place on August 6th. All of this will take place online, so you can attend from the comfort of your couch, personal office, or your organization’s conference room with colleagues. Each speaker will be live streamed from their location.  You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions.

Registering for the Symposium

Q: How do I register for the Salt Symposium?

There are two major steps for completing registration, but the process shouldn’t take more than 5 – 10 minutes.

[wxform url=”″ type=”modal” bg=”#7BB045″ fg=”#FFFFFF”]Click here to open the billing registration form[/wxform]

1. Complete the registration/billing process. Each person registered during the billing process should have an associated email account. Each email account listed will receive a registration receipt from Fortin Consulting’s Regfox service, which has instructions for completing step 2. The email will come from “Fortin Consulting (”

2. Get your link to attend the live-streamed Symposium. Each attendee must visit the site linked in their registration receipt email. At that link they’ll select the checkboxes to register for each day, click the “Register” button, and submit their name and email on the following page. Each registered attendee will then receive two emails from the Webex messenger. Each email will have a unique daily registration ID, a link to join on each day of the event, and a calendar invitation that includes the previous two items in the event description.

Q: How many registrations do I need to purchase?

You need to purchase a registration for every device you plan on tuning in from. Examples follow:

  • “I’m attending on my own and may join from home or from my office.”
    • Purchase a single registration! It’s that easy.
  • “I’m going to host a group viewing in my organization’s conference room, and we may have 3, 4, 5, or more people attend together.”
    • Purchase a single registration. You’ll use the codes associated with that registration to stream the event in your conference room. If anybody wants to opt out of group viewing, they’ll have to purchase another registration to view on their own.
  • “I’m not attending, but have to purchase registrations for a group of people that are all attending separately.”
    • That’s not a problem! You’ll complete step 1 (above) for each of the intended attendees, and use your information for billing. Each of those attendees will then be able to complete step 2 on their own. You can also complete step 2 on their behalf, but you’ll have to go through that process one-by-one for each.

Q: Can I register a group?

Yes. One person can register multiple people.  Use the “ADD NEW REGISTRANT” button on the Registration Page. This will allow you to add as many people as you’d like and be billed as a group. If you have questions about group registration, contact Carolyn Dindorf at either contact listed at the bottom of this page.

We can offer a discount for large groups (attending on individual devices) from one office.  If you have questions about group registration, Contact Carolyn Dindorf at either contact listed at the bottom of this page.

Q: How do I pay for registration?
You can pay by credit card during the online registration. If you would like to use a purchase order or pay by check, please click on “pay by check or purchase order” during the registration and send the requested information that appears.

“To pay by check or purchase order, send check or purchase order payable to Fortin Consulting, Inc. along with the confirmation number on the billing confirmation email to:
Fortin Consulting, Inc., 215 Hamel Road, Hamel, MN 55340
Questions, contact”

Q: Are registrations refundable or transferable? 

Registrations are refundable minus an administrative fee. See our cancellation policy.  Contact Carolyn Dindorf if you need to cancel your registration.

If you cannot attend the event, you can forward your personal link and registration ID to someone else in your organization to use.  You can also use this option to split the registration between two people, one attending each day.

Attending the Symposium

Q: How will I sign in? Where is my registration information?

On each day of the Symposium, you’ll use the link sent to you via email from That link and login will also arrive in reminder emails sent one week prior to the event and on the day of the event. The info should also be included in event description if you’ve accepted the invitation using Outlook, Google, or other digital calendar services.

For more help, visit:

Q: When can I sign-in for each day?

You’ll be able to sign in an hour or so before the start of the event, and should consider doing this for multiple reasons: it will be helpful for troubleshooting any connectivity issues (see next Q), and it’s a great time to meet representatives from the sponsors of the event. Aside from being great contacts to make, some of them may offer special promotions for their products or services.

Q: How do I make sure I’m set up properly? (Troubleshooting audio, video options)

For more help, visit:


With technical questions about registration or attendance leading up to the event, contact Douglas Klimbal via email:

With questions about billing, contact Carolyn Dindorf via phone or email: 612-220-4999,

With technical questions on the day of the event, try using these helpful documents:

If all else fails, email, but understand that we will be busy and it may take a little time to get back to you.