2021 Chloride Reduction in Non-Residential Water Softening

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If you operate a non-residential property in the Minnesota cities of Altura, Avon, or Medina, you’re eligible for a free water softening assessment and optimization.

Fortin Consulting is excited to expand our work with the MPCA to continue keeping waterways in these communities clear of chloride contamination. Water Softening is a leading source of the chloride contaminating Minnesota’s freshwater ecosystems, especially those that are connected to wastewater treatment facilities. There’s no economical way to remove chloride from a community’s wastewater, so the best practice for these situations is limiting chloride use in the first place.

If you work in Altura, Avon, or Medina at a commercial, industrial, or other non-residential facility that has a water softener, make sure your equipment isn’t a part of the problem! We have partnered with the Minnesota Water Quality Association to provide free softening system optimizations, recommendations, and assistance with improvements or replacements, and cost share funding for qualifying chloride reduction opportunities.

This project is made possible through funding from the Clean Water Land & Legacy Amendment administered by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.