Written Publications

FCI staff are experienced writers and can help you with your publications. We can prepare anything from fact sheets or brochures to large publications. We can also facilitate advisory committee meetings to prepare publications. Examples: newsletters, fact sheets, brochures, booklets, curriculum, manuals and songs.

Written publications that FCI staff have authored, co-authored or contributed to:

Smart salting for sustainability podcast
Published Sept 14, 2020
Listen to Connie’s interview with the AASHTO SICOPs podcast crew.
Book: Winter Parking Lot and Sidewalk Maintenance Manual
Updated 2015
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
The Real Cost of Salt Use for Winter Maintenance in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area
22 Clear Roads Winter Maintenance Training Modules
Twin Cities Metro Area Chloride Management Plan
Minnesota Snow and Ice Control Manual
Updated 2012
Minnesota Local Technical Assistance Program
MI manual front cover Winter Maintenance for Michigan Roads
Winter Maintenance Application Rates and Guidance for Parking Lots, Sidewalks, and Trails
Chloride Free Snow and Ice Control Material
toxfactsheet Deicer Toxicity Fact Sheet
Turfgrass Maintenance with Reduced Environmental Impacts Manual
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  Category J: Natural Areas, Forestry and Rights-of-Way Pesticide Education Manual – 2nd Edition November 2016
Category F: Aquatics Pesticide Safety Education Manual – 1st Edition, March 2016
Category-E Category E: Turf and Ornamentals Pesticide Safety Education Manual June 2014
thumbnail Field Guide for Maintaining Rural Roadside Ditches: Protecting Lakes and Streams through Proper Roadside Ditch Maintenance
Temporary Stream, Wetland & Soft Soil Crossings
Minnesota Erosion Control Association
Wetland Health Evaluation Program
Dakota County Natural Resource Management System Plan
Book: Lakescaping for Wildlife and Water Quality
Minnesotas Bookstore
Guide to Lake Protection and Management
MN Lake Ecology Curriculum Student and teacher guides
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Book: Born into War
North Star Press